NEDA says digital innovation, data science have transformed agency


The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) said its prioritization of technology, innovation, use of data science, digital information, innovative business processes, knowledge management, and human resource have profoundly transformed the agency.

Photo from NEDA

Socio-economic planning secretary and NEDA director-general Karl Chua made this remark during the ADB Knowledge Forum 2021 on Friday, Oct. 1, where he emphasized the need to have a system in place to keep and share this knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

“We are currently facing an unprecedented crisis and we need to document lessons learned to help policymakers today and in the future. The new normal has underscored the importance and urgency for knowledge management and digital transformation,” said Chua.

He cited an instance where alternative work arrangements have made it more challenging for staff to collaborate and share knowledge and even with clients and stakeholders.

“These challenges present opportunities for us to pursue reforms. I have always believed and advocated for better data management within the government in order to strengthen policy-making and service delivery,” Chua said.

“For the country to reach its next stage of development and to sustain it as an upper-middle-income country, we need to innovate. And for this to become a national policy, we need to set an example within NEDA and within our agencies,” added Chua.

He added that NEDA is currently creating various dashboards and enhancing data repositories that would allow it to monitor programs, projects, and internal processes more efficiently and to focus on the more value-added aspects its work.