Sunday, March 3, 2024

Crypto exchange platform touts ‘fair environment’ for traders

According to a survey, 42% of Gen Z said they would like to take investment advice from influencers on social media. However, it’s not common to find an independent trading platform, as well as an active community discussing the industry.

This is the market that social cryptocurrency operator MoonXBT would like to tap as it combines socializing and trading by creating a blockchain neighborhood for the crypto world.

On an individual scale, MoonXBT said it solves problems traders face due to lack of communication and rising costs of learning the necessary tools to navigate the industry. While on a global scale, MoonXBT provides contract trading, social interaction and one-click copy trading services for global traders, giving them an engaging trading experience.

An entrepreneur in the social trading space has to provide a fair trading environment that guarantees asset security and high liquidity. They also need fully-functional tools for social interaction.

Price spikes can “leverage out” a market, which removes many leveraged positions. The spike force triggers stop losses or may even liquidate positions. When this happens, the entire margin left in the account, or part of it, is taken by the exchange.

Compared with other trading exchanges, MoonXBT provides two types of K-lines. Traders can switch between the ASK or BID K-lines on their monitors. This type of K-line is the product of the average weighted price of the top spot market exchanges.

In terms of security, MoonXBT has onboarded many former bank-level executives and a world-class research and development team. Its safety procedure is triple-protected with wallet, transaction, and system securities.

It has also put cold/hot wallet storage in place, just in case the servers, trading engines, and databases get attacked. All fund transfers from cold storage to hot wallets are processed manually and require multiple authorizations.

The platform also use AWS Shield to reduce potential DDoS attacks and simultaneously prevent large-scale complex attacks and in-depth perspective attacks.

Lastly, the MoonXBT said its trading engine meets the highest industry standards for online trading. All systems use unique codes to minimize delays and increase order execution speed. This is the reason why MoonXBT executes an order within an average of 32 milliseconds.

MoonXBT’s team of traders will assist traders in executing trades with the Copy Trading system at the click of a button. Everything is taken care of by following the trader selected, a straightforward way to profit.

In addition, by copying the trades, followers can also “steal” the trading strategies of the traders and turn them into their own.

MoonXBT said it is growing fast among cryptocurrency users within the six months since its launch. At present, its daily trading volume is up to 100 million.


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