Thursday, February 22, 2024

Yugabyte tells firms to future-proof databases for cloud-native apps

At the inception of YugabyteDB, a distributed SQL database designed to power Internet-scale applications, the founders were focused on three traits that YugabyteDB should have: high-performance, coverage of all SQL, and the ability to scale across multiple geographical regions.


During an annual gathering of IT leaders hosted by local ICT distributor VST ECS, the company presented the role of future-proofing database strategies in the age of cloud-native apps and multi-cloud environments. This is in theme of the CXO Innovation Summit’s “Future of Business” held at the 4th concluding day of the confab.

“It’s all about how you adapt and adopt. Software is going to be the key in the digital future, and in building that software business, everything that can be optimized will be optimized. The ability to deliver software is no longer a differentiator,” said Dennis Sze, head of sales for Yugabyte South Asia and India.

In an exclusive interview with Newsbytes.PH, Sze explained that the move of businesses from physical to virtual paved the way for the evolution of the nature of applications and the approaches used to build them. This event exposed gaps in the legacy database solutions that are tasked to address these requirements.

“It will require a re-architecture of the underlying design. Services need to be deployed and scaled independently across any infrastructure across any region. These demands the database to be operating in a similar fashion. The legacy database like postgres, mysql, MSSQL are monolith in design,” he added.

There are four areas taken into consideration for the design — horizontal write scalability, self-healing fault tolerance, multi-partition transactions, and zero-data-loss/low-latency multi-region deployments. These areas have been invaluable in transforming software from monoliths into an engagement experience built on cloud native microservices architecture.  

Since YugabyteDB is completely a transactional database, it is well suited for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), or any workload that requires low latency with high reads and writes. Whether it’s an application for e-commerce, banking, logistics, or transportation, they all require a highly resilient database that is consistent with the ability to operate across regions or countries across clouds.

“YugabyteDB is built to operate in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment. This allows customers to future proof their database stack with the ability to switch between clouds without having to migrate or change the way they operate,” Sze said.


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