VST-ECS onboards distributed database provider Yugabyte

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Local IT distributor VST-ECS Phils. inked an exclusive partnership on Thursday, July 15, with the California-based firm behind the open-source distributed SQL database YugabyteDB. By tapping VST-ECS to hasten the adoption of its cloud native database business, Yugabyte is aiming to bridge the gaps of traditional databases for digital services in the country.

Yugabytes VST ECS
VST-ECS head of marketing and communications Maurice Alter announcing the launch of the the company’s partnership with Yugabyte

During the partnership launch, VST-ECS Philippines president and CEO Jimmy Go expressed his confidence on how the next generation of cloud-native database will be able to unlock the full potential of digital execution that local enterprises and startups are looking for. With Yugabyte, the company hopes to drive more business impact to its partners, as well as create new value for its customers.

“We are committed to grow the Yugabyte business. By working closely with our channel partner community, we will be running a series of certification, training, and end-user initiatives to increase awareness and adoption of Yugabyte solutions,” he added.

YugabyteDB is an Apache 2.0 open-source project that powers global and Internet-scale applications with its high-performance document store, per-shard distributed consensus replication and Google Spanner-inspired multi-shard ACID transactions. By achieving a low query latency, it can handle both relational database management systems and online transactional processing workloads at the same time.

Deployable in public and private clouds, and even Kubernetes environments, YugabyteDB can endure common failures from unreliable cloud infrastructure through its self-healing mechanism. To date, it is also the sole open-source distributed SQL database equipped with features that include Distributed Backups, Data Encryption, Read Replicas, and Change Data Capture (CDC).

“The next decade will be about transforming the core data infrastructure that underpins mission critical transactional applications. Users are demanding quick, accurate, and timely interactions while regulators are increasingly stringent about data privacy and sovereignty,” said Danny Zaidifard, Yugabyte vice president of alliances and business development.

On March this year, Yugabyte raised $48 million during its funding round to be used in accelerating its distributed SQL enterprise adoption business and global expansion, primarily in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific markets.

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