Thursday, February 29, 2024

AGV announces expansion to other play-to-earn games

Astra Guild Ventures, a decentralized autonomous organization that invests in play-to-earn (P2E) games and similar blockchain projects, has officially announced that it will be expanding to other titles with the goal of maximizing the earning potential of its growing community.

Astra Guild Ventures

Although AGV has a small scholar base of around 2,035 as of writing, the gaming guild believes that its community is growing at a steady pace across different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. One main advantage that not all gaming guilds have but AGV has implemented is an earnings dashboard that promotes transparency between the guild itself and its members.

In the past, players would need to be professionally honed in a team franchise setting that is very exclusive and discerning of their members’ skillset. This business model, although lucrative for the managers, can also be expensive to put up. What gaming guilds bring to the table is accessibility and inclusiveness that can help even novice gamers make a living out of this industry.

By joining a gaming guild, players would not need to buy an NFT upfront and are given a certain percentage for the in-game currency they earn which are exchanged for cold hard cash. According to AGV, potentially earning more than minimum wage per day by playing P2E games will only take an hour of two from the scholar’s day.

For someone to be a part of the AGV community for example, players are required to be active on the official discord channel where certain events are held from time to time, as well as instant scholarships are granted to winners. Currently, the community’s goals are aligned with growing its player base and increasing reputation among the countless gaming guilds popping up across the globe.


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