Tuesday, March 5, 2024

H3C sees PH as key market for digital business

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven time again to be a challenging predicament that negatively affects business operations on a global scale. Across several industries, digital adoption has been a significant instrument in adapting to these huge obstacle.


For H3C, a company whose products revolve around driving business innovation and digital transformation for its clientele, digital infrastructure products housed in a comprehensive one-stop digital platform is the way to move forward.

The digital solutions firm covers a lot of ground in terms of product offerings, ranging across chip, compute, storage, networking, 5G, security, and terminal and related domains. Its platform, meanwhile, includes cloud, big data, AI, information security, edge computing, and even technical services.

By observing the current ICT situation and demands here in the Philippines, H3C believes that a rapid expansion in the Southeast Asian region will not just increase its investment in the local market development sphere, but optimize the firm’s Southeast Asian market footprint as well.

H3C believes that digital adoption will bring with it the “new engines of economic growth” needed by the country during these times. In last year’s VSTECS CXO Innovation Summit, the company presented its industry solutions of partner-based services combined with one-stop services under the theme “Digital Future · We Together.”

The company also presented opportunities where digital solutions can bring about further business value.

For example, supply chain management can benefit from user behavior tracking on-time production and delivery, development of autonomous vehicles will require processing large amounts of data in real-time, and performing smart city management will only work when the government is equipped with intelligent video analytics.

Currently, H3C is in talks with a major Philippine ISP adopting its AD-WAN Solution to enforce bandwidth provision services to their tenants by WAN optimization, automated implementation, visualized O&M among others, considerably reduce complexity and save workload while improving efficiency at the same time.


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