Monday, May 27, 2024

Beeinfotech PH formally opens its first data center in PH

Data center operator Beeinfotech PH has announced the general availability of its first data center in the Philippines.

Dubbed “The Hive,” it is said to be the largest operating telco-neutral data center facility in the country, with three floors capable of housing at least 3,000 server racks of up to 45U rack height.

First announced in August 2021, The Hive’s arrival follows the growth of the data center market in the Philippines, which is becoming one of the most preferred nations in the Asia Pacific region to host data centers.

According to a report from Research and Markets, the Philippine data center market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.40% between 2021-2026, with investments reaching up to $535M by 2026. Research and Markets also cited Beeinfotech PH as one of the new notable players joining the booming market.

Furthermore, the expansion in the country is in line with the Asia Pacific region’s considerable growth in data center spending, with the market research firm expecting that the region will spend around $94B by 2027.

“With the increased demand for digital services under the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the recent efforts to improve the nation’s connectivity and IT infrastructure, now is the perfect time to welcome hyperscalers and other large-scale partners to the Philippines. Telco-neutral data centers with significant and flexible rack space such as The Hive are suitable colocation facilities for hyperscalers since they enable enterprises to quickly scale resources and establish a local footprint without the arduous and time-consuming process of building a DC from scratch,” said Beeinfotech PH president and CEO Reynaldo Huergas.

As a testament to the facility’s colocation capabilities, The Hive can host advanced solutions such as AWS Outposts, which allows hyperscalers and enterprises to run popular AWS applications locally.

The Hive also has other world-class services courtesy of its advanced cybersecurity suite powered by Continent 8. Included among them is BProtect DDoS Mitigation, which can fend off powerful DDoS attacks, and BProtect SIEM, a Security Information and Event Management solution that constantly scans for malicious activity within a client’s infrastructure.

The Hive follows an Open Design concept, enabling it to meet specific colocation requirements of clients, such as special enclosures and cages for racks.

Beeinfotech PH also adheres to a “Shared Responsibility” model in maintaining infrastructure, where maintenance duties can be done by either Beeinfotech PH or a client’s in-house staff. The model also allows the possibility of the two sharing maintenance duties.

Beeinfotech PH’s partner-driven philosophy also extends to The Hive’s telco-neutral connection delivered under BConnect Managed Connectivity. Being telco-neutral, The Hive brings together all telecommunications and Internet service providers under one roof, assuring that clients can leverage maximum access to all connectivity options.

Beeinfotech PH is likewise keen on partnering with regional and global data center operators who intend to extend their footprint in the region.

“Our facility is configurable to the point where other DC operators can structure the facility using their existing designs, similar to a plug-and-play model of service that gives more freedom and customization,” added Huergas.

The Hive is designed to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification that recognizes its ability to reduce carbon emissions and power consumption. It is located at the Bridgetowne Destination Estate spanning the border of Pasig and Quezon City.


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