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REVIEW | Moshi Lounge Q wireless charging stand

Moshi’s Q collection of wireless chargers are designed for the minimalist workspace at home.

Moshi Lounge Q Philippines

Each of the four members of the Q family are designed with a specific function in mind – the Otto Q is defined by its sheer speed in wireless charging capacity, the Symbus Q doubles as an all-purpose desk dock, and the Porto Q 5K is simply convenient since it is essentially a powerbank without a need for cords.

What the Lounge Q lacks in portability, it makes up for in being a desk staple that doesn’t intrude with the modest aesthetics of a modern work-from-home setup or a minimalist office. This quick wireless charger also serves as a phone stand that can be oriented for both vertical and horizontal smartphone positions.

Moshi Lounge Q Philippines

When it comes to real-world use, users can easily tap the phone and check notifications without removing it from the wireless charger, a feat that is inconvenient with flat surface wireless chargers.

Since the height is adjustable, unlike a fixed-coil charging stand, the Moshi Lounge Q is able to accommodate any device size as long as the charging pad is aligned with the center of the back cover.

The Moshi Lounge Q wireless charger can definitely compete with other devices in the market. In fact, it can deliver up to 15W fast charging and the iOS fast-charging standard. This speed is also unhindered by the existence of smartphone cases that are 5mm thick.

Moshi Lounge Q Philippines

Being able to charge a smartphone with a case on wirelessly is an advantage for people who are weary of cosmetic damages. With the soft textured top cushions and microfiber coating on all of the Q devices, users have one less thing to worry about when it comes to scratches.

The overall build of the Lounge Q is excellent, although its is to be expected given its expensive price tag. Thanks to the aluminum base, the entire structure feels solid and stable, the non-slip silicone ring makes sure that the smartphone remains steady, and the stainless-steel back rails are a safeguard for heavier phones.  

One drawback that customers must prepare for is the lack of an AC adapter which should have a USB Type-C port instead of the traditional Type-A. In any case, the Lounge Q, like all of the Q-series chargers, is backed by a standard two-year warranty or 10-year warranty for purchases made on

Moshi Lounge Q Philippines


The Moshi Lounge Q wireless charger is a premium accessory designed with the modern hybrid worker in mind. The charging speed is decent, the build is sturdy and balanced, and the aesthetic is subtle and easy on the eyes. Due to its expensive price tag of P4,790, its market is limited to working professionals or individuals trying to achieve the “Scandinavia-esque” setup that is minimalist and productive at the same time.


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