Friday, April 19, 2024

REVIEW | Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 business laptop

For several years now, many laptop brands have experimented on ways to combine portability and performance in their premium flagship offerings, targeting the interest of enterprise and productivity users with ultraportable drivers that they can carry anywhere with ease.

The 13-inch traditional clamshell was launched alongside its larger sibling, the Z16 dubbed as the “performance powerhouse,” to mark the company’s 30th anniversary showcase. Representing “product mobility,” the Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 only weighs 1.25kg but is tested against 12 military-grade standards.

“The Z-series is for a new generation of customers who want adaptable tech that works well anywhere and looks even better,” said Hailey MacKay, Lenovo ThinkPad product launch manager.

With sustainability in mind, the Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 comes in either recycled PET Vegan leather or recycled aluminum, a glass touchpad called Forcepad, and a 100% rapid-renewable and compostable packaging. For this review, Newsbytes.PH will be reviewing the aluminum chassis variant.

“There’s the Z13 – it’s got a very modern, progressive design, available in recycled aluminum and recycled vegan leather, runs on the latest AMD Ryzen 6000 series PRO processors…still a ThinkPad with the trusted quality, relentless innovation, and maximum performance you would expect from the ThinkPad line,” remarked Brent Lamm, senior product manager for ThinkPad at Lenovo.

On its official website, Lenovo says that the ThinkPad Z13 currently has the best FHD webcam on any ThinkPad device to date. Inside the communication bar, the webcam is paired with a Dolby Atmos speaker system primed for videoconferencing tasks.

Versus ThinkPad laptops released by Lenovo in the past, the ThinkPad Z13 looks the most solid and durable. The laptop is as compact as it can be, performs beautifully without too much compromises, and definitely appeals to its intended market – working professionals.

The compact form factor is a mixed bag in some cases: the smaller real estate of the lid maximizes screen size and produces extremely narrow bezels, but the overall slimness means the ThinkPad Z13 will be unable to carry a complete suite of connectivity ports. In fact, this specific model strictly comes with USB-C ports and an audio jack.

The aluminum components do add weight to the overall laptop, offset slightly by the minimalistic and portable design language. The webcam, while more advanced and produces clearer images than the competition, is still no replacement to a dedicated FHD external camera since medium to low-light conditions pose detrimental effects to the overall image quality.

Despite the heavy-hitting hardware, the ThinkPad Z13 is still limited to what it can handle, which is why the thermal system and power management is what takes the cake in this particular scenario. Users who are fans of the new look of the ThinkPad series but require slightly better performance should take a closer look at the bigger sibling of the Z13 – the Lenovo ThinkPad Z16.


The Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 takes the performance we’ve come to expect from ultraportables a notch further, making it ideal for productivity power users who are always on-the-go. Sustainability is at the core of its design, the AMD Ryzen 7 Pro is at par with pricier alternatives, and the battery life can keep up with a day’s worth of moderate to heavy usage.


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