Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Animation platform debuts new feature allowing creators to upload, highlight contents

Animation video platform Bilibili has introduced a new feature that is available in-app and online allowing Filipino creators to upload and highlight their high-quality contents while encouraging connectivity with their fans.

The landing page allows the top creators to pin and highlight their top contents

Released just this May, the Bilibili Selected Creators feature aims to support aspiring new creators by allowing their creative minds to promote their videos on the Bilibili platform for free.

A set of new creators will be selected by Bilibili and will be given the opportunity to increase user views and reach by pinning their videos on a prominent page on both Bilibili platforms.

For the launch week, Bilibili selected some fun new contents for their fans’ viewing pleasure. These fans are encouraged to support their favorite creators by posting comments on the “Bilibili Selected Creator Page”. 

The Selected Creators feature will be updated every two weeks to ensure that more aspiring creators on the platform get their moment to shine and highlight their best contents for free.

According to Analyze Anime, one of the first Selected Creators of Bilibili: “I am a proud creator of Bilibili. They are always in search of new talents to drive this community with the passion of the new generation and expand the emerging creator market in the Philippines.”

Bilibili has also launched a program to help boost quality content by new creators. The BCN Project (Bilibili Creator Network) allows creators to gain incentive from creating video content. Open to all Bilibili users, the participating creators just need to regularly produce high-quality video contents and find their voice and identity.

According to Analyze Anime, “Bilibili is not just a platform that offers copyrighted anime series. It is most importantly an aggregator that encourages Filipino creators to express themselves, showcase their creative skills and possibly serve as a platform to become full-scale creators.”

Bilibili will also shape and nurture this creative space with recognition like “Creators of the Month” where top creators and UGCs are ranked such as Valuable Content Creator, High- Quality Creator, Game Master, Rising Star and High Profile Creator, and will be featured monthly.


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