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Mapua University inks pact with Arizona State U to boost health sciences program

Mapua University announced on Wednesday, June 1, a partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) through the international network of universities of Cintana, a public benefit corporation headquartered in the United States.

Mapua University Cintana Arizona State University partnership
Mapua’s partnership executive director Bonifacio Doma

Cintana facilitated the collaboration project where Mapua students will be able to access course content and curricula of ASU, a public research university that offers more than 350 degree programs across 17 colleges.

During the announcement held in Mapua’s brand-new 8-story campus in Makati, Mapua president Reynaldo Vea said that they are keeping an eye with the new developments in digital technologies.

Vea added the strategic collaboration with ASU brings the institution one step further in achieving a future with a new generation of forward-looking business and health professionals.

“We have forged and formalized partnership agreements with Cintana Education and Arizona State University. We shall be able to tap into and contribute to the Cintana global alliance of universities worldwide,” he said.

The ASU-enhanced courses will be grounded on three core pillars — exposing the students to international standards and perspectives, preparing them with real-world experiential learning, and providing them with the digital skills that are in-demand within the industry.

Scheduled to officially begin in August, the program will be open to business students and key health sciences pre-med programs, including BS Biology and Psychology tracks.

“With the experience of ASU and their materials in the repository, we can actually always improve our capability to ensure that our graduates are actually at par with the requirements of the industry in terms of digital skills,” shared Dr. Bonifacio Doma, Mapua’s partnership executive director.

Doma added that the ASU platform also doubles as a benchmark for professional practice on a global scale, providing readily available content tailor-fit to enhance the digital skill competence of Mapua’s business and health science students.

With additional health sciences courses to be offered in the next school year, this program will also be offered to Mapua’s Intramuros campus and subsidiary schools: Malayan College Laguna and Malayan College Mindanao.

Aside from the material repository, Mapua students will also be able to access international exchange student programs and summer immersion opportunities at ASU and other member universities of the ASU-Cintana Alliance across the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.


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