Sunday, May 26, 2024

Report: 79% of SMEs in PH exporting to 10 or more countries

E-commerce titan eBay unveiled on Thursday, July 14, its study on online businesses across the six Southeast Asian markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The “Southeast Asia Small Online Business Trade Report 2022” highlighted how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in these countries are using the eBay e-commerce marketplace to sell to international markets every year.

The study revealed that 79% of eBay-enabled small businesses in the Philippines exported to 10 or more international markets in 2020, while the number of international market destinations for these small businesses averaged 32.

The top five product categories exported were: jewelry and watches, cell phones and accessories, sporting goods, collectibles and business, office and industrial products.

Across the six countries featured in the report, 68% of eBay-enabled small businesses exported to 10 or more international markets. As a whole, the region’s eBay-enabled small business community made sales in 214 international markets in 2020.

While less than 20% of traditional businesses in each of the six markets highlighted in the report export, all eBay-enabled small businesses in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam are exporters, and more than 95% in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore use eBay to reach global consumers.

“eBay’s primary focus in Southeast Asia is to enable SMEs to sell to the world – its marketplace offers 142 million active buyers across 3,000-plus product categories with market access to 190 countries,” said Vidmay Naini, country manager for Southeast Asia and India.

“SMEs in the region have a wealth of inventory that global consumers want, and they need to differentiate and drive scale by exploring e-commerce export options. With this goal in mind, eBay is building a robust ecosystem, with its deep technology expertise and partnerships with key government stakeholders as well as logistics service providers, to enable SMEs to do just that.”


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