Friday, June 21, 2024

Isabela solon to refile bill requiring real estate firms to give space for cell towers

Isabela 6th district representative Faustino “Inno” A. Dy V said he would refile the House bill that would require property developers to provide telcos space for network infrastructure in housing developments.

Isabela 6th district representative Faustino “Inno” A. Dy V speaking at Globe’s RISE to the Next Level event
Photo from Globe Telecom

“Nowadays, no one can live without good connectivity. Telco service is now a necessity similar to how power and water should be treated. In the digital age, it is a basic human right to have good connectivity,” Dy said at Globe’s “RISE to the Next Level” event last July 11.

At the event, Dy expressed optimism that passage of the bill, which was approved on third reading in the last Congress but fell short of reaching the bicameral level, can be fast-tracked as it had already gone through comprehensive committee deliberations in the House.

House Bill 10388, which was passed on final reading at the lower chamber in the 18th Congress, aimed to require developers to properly provision ICT facilities for telcos, removing a hurdle they would often face in building cell sites.

“This bill requires real estate developers to give space to telcos, to really allow our consumers and people living in communities to benefit from this service,” said Dy.

Dy called on other developers to support the bill and provide readily available connectivity in housing developments.

“Think about your buyers and your customers. I’d like to commend all developers already doing this and leading this kind of innovation in their partnerships. Those who are not doing it yet, please do it for your customers,” said Dy.

“Being in government, our role is people centered, all laws should benefit the Filipino people. So please come on board, without a doubt it’s so vital in our everyday life. I’m asking other developers to let telcos operate in your areas,” he said.

Globe welcomed Dy’s move to push for the bill, saying it will enable it to further pursue its network expansion and widen the reach of Globe’s connectivity.

“We are encouraged by Congressman Dy’s move to refile this bill that is crucial in achieving our goal to connect as many households as possible to reliable connectivity. This will benefit our people at a time when internet access has become a lifeline,” said Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu.

Several developers support the bill and are already providing telcos space to build ICT infrastructure.

Victor Consunji, president and CEO of the Victor Consunji Development Corp., recalled a time when he was “on the other side of the fence” and complained why there was no reception in some of his developments. He then found out Globe was having a hard time securing space to put up cell towers.

“That was literally standing in the way of progress. That’s when everything shifted and I said whatever space you want, go get it, just get towers in. It’s a win-win situation for everybody,” said Consunji, whose developments offer built-in broadband.


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