Monday, June 17, 2024

Trend Micro One platform now available to PH customers

Enterprise security software provider Trend Micro announced the official entry of its unified cybersecurity platform ‘Trend Micro One’ which will encompass several of the company’s key business segments under one umbrella platform.   

Trend Micro One Philippines
Trend Micro Philippines country manager Ian Felipe

This attack surface management and cybersecurity ecosystem assimilates the extended detection and response capabilities of Vision One, the cloud infrastructure of Cloud One, the endpoint protection of Workforce One, the network detection and response of Network One, the enterprise threat management of Service One, and the company’s own global network of threat intelligence.   

With Trend Micro One, the company aims to help enterprises achieve a quicker pace of digital transformation, as well as address complex data privacy and compliance requirements by consolidating all the security tools they require.  

During the launch of the unified platform, Trend Micro Philippines country manager Ian Felipe said that the majority of the company’s PH-based clientele are businesses who already have pre-existing security platforms and are seeking to either add a new layer of security for their organization, find a provider who better handles compliance concerns, or get better protection and support from a company who has local presence.  

He also added that in the Philippine context, the growing skills gap in the cybersecurity industry remains to the top challenge for businesses who are in the process of adopting modern enterprise security strategies.  

“One of the biggest barriers would be the skills gap we have right now. The whole country, and definitely the whole world, is experiencing this skills gap. Specifically for the Philippines, a lot of companies are really looking for cybersecurity-skilled people,” Felipe explained.  

According to Felipe, this reason is the main driver for the company in forging partnerships with the education sector, specifically with universities, with the hope to alleviate the demand and bridge the gap in talent.  

Based on the company’s 2021 Annual Cybersecurity Report, the most vulnerable sectors in the region today are in government, banking, and healthcare. With the unified approach, Trend Micro hopes to boost the cyber preparedness of Filipino companies and organizations.  

“Nowadays, cybersecurity is part of all their plans. Every time they do projects in the IT department, security is definitely part of it. We have matured in terms of identifying and understanding the importance of cybersecurity and the threat that it can do to the company,” he remarked.  

Trend Micro was established in the Philippines back in 1998 and has since expanded across 38 countries and is now operating with 5,600 employees, which over 1,000 are hailing from its Manila office. 

“Trend Micro One is the product of 30 years of experience and innovation in cybersecurity. It is a platform developed by cybersecurity professionals for cybersecurity professionals, so organisations can be their most resilient.” 


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