Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tech firm pitches SOC-as-a-Service as cost-effective IT security solution

Cybersecurity remains a major challenge worldwide. Vigilance and the use of the latest iterations of hardware and software changes the game in favor of enterprise.  

Security experts acknowledge that an In-House Security Operations Center is ideal in terms of control, oversight, and response capabilities. Nevertheless, it can be extremely expensive to set up and maintain. An outsourced Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOC-as-a-Service) can provide the same level of security at a fraction of the cost.  

This is own GRIDS or Global Reconnaissance and Intelligent Defense System comes in. GRIDS is an SOC-as-a-Service that has a dedicated team to monitor, analyze, and respond to security incidents. 

It utilizes different security tools such as Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Extended Detection Response (XDR), Security Information and Events Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) to stop threats before they harm business operations.

GRIDS provides robust IT security in many ways:  

  • Continuous Monitoring. SOC analysts continuously monitor security alerts and other security data to detect and respond to threats promptly.  
  • Incident Investigation. It investigates alerts to determine the scope and impact of security incidents, thus, helping to contain and mitigate them effectively.  
  • Threat Intelligence. Utilize threat intelligence feeds to stay informed about emerging threats and adjust security measures accordingly.  

Radenta also offers the following advice to further boost IT security:  

  • Implement a Robust Security Policy. Establish clear policies for data protection, user access, password management, and incident response.  
  • Conduct Regular Security Awareness Training. Educate employees about phishing attacks, social engineering, and best practices for handling sensitive information.  
  • Administer Patch Management. Ensure all software, drivers, and firmware systems are updated to mitigate vulnerabilities.  
  • Do Network Segmentation. A smaller subnet can act as its own network thus allowing security teams to have increased control of traffic that flows into their systems as well as limit the spread of malware.  
  • Use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). This multi-step log in process requires additional verification methods beyond username and password to access critical systems.  
  • Strengthen Backup and Disaster Recovery. Implement regular backups of critical data and systems, stored securely, with a tested disaster recovery plan.  

“In today’s digital landscape, security is critical. GRIDS offers a managed SOC and diverse security solutions to bolster IT defenses for businesses, ensuring data protection and system integrity,” said Radenta security operation lead Sergio Louie Paez.

Be on top of your security, ask Radenta Technologies how. Call 09688629096, email info@radenta.com or log in to www.radenta.com.     


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