Monday, June 17, 2024

Pinoy play-to-earn NFT game now on early access 

The upcoming auto-battler game Anito Legends developed by Masayato Games — a Filipino team led by mobile game developer and now CEO James Chua — is opening its early access to the gaming community after concluding the beta phase last August 29.

Anito Legends Philippines

On August 31, the team behind Anito Legends marked the game’s initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) for “$LARO” via the cryptocurrency exchange Sparkswap and PinkSale platform. $LARO is Anito Legends’ governance token which is used to buy and sell in the Anito Legends Marketplace. 

Meanwhile, a public sale of Anito Legends will then be held on September 1, following the IDO for $LARO. Before the year ends, Anito Legends will also be introducing new classes, PVP and PVE content, NFT weapons, and a betting system.  

While the $LARO currency is used to buy and sell the Anito NFTs, $GINTO tokens are earned through gameplay and are either used for breeding new Anitos, crafting weapons and equipment to upgrade stats, consumed to receive auto-farm rewards, and payment for entering special dungeons or tournaments that guarantee special rewards.  

The playable Anito are seeded and sold as non-fungible tokens in gacha-style boxes, and come in different rarities – Common, Epic, and Legendary. To play the game, three Anito NFTs are required. 

Initially, each “Anito” falls under one of four classes: the high-attack Kiwig, the long-ranged Sarangay, the agile Siyokoy, and the tanky Tikbalang. Each class is stronger or weaker than the other, requiring players to plan their team’s composition before engaging the game’s content.  

Players will also need to consider the weapons they will be equipping to their respective Anito NFTs. Melee weapons will require characters to approach the enemy in the process of inflicting damage, while long range weapons allow Anitos to attack from afar.

There are also a number of abilities available through each weapon and armor item. Ambush enables Anitos to attack enemies located in the rear, Area of Effect deals damage to all characters simultaneously, Burn and Poison applies minor damage over a period of time, and many more.  

“We are very excited to see what our community thinks about Anito Legends early access. We hope that everyone will enjoy playing through both Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP) as much as the team has enjoyed working on it,” shared James Chua, Anito Legends chief executive officer. 

Anito Legends will also host a regular live stream event with its Discord community to discuss upcoming features and updates in the development process. All features seen in the game’s beta version will be seen in its early access, and the game will be playable on multiple platforms: PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.  

“Early access is just the start of the Anito Legends roadmap. The community has much content to look forward to, and we are excited to share every single step of the journey with our community members,” added Jayvee Fernandez, chief marketing officer of Anito Legends. 


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