Monday, December 11, 2023

‘Anito Legends’ seeks to grow tester community ahead of June launch

Play-to-earn (P2E) casual auto-battler Anito Legends, a locally-developed game running on non-fungible token (NFT) currency, plans to continue growing its tester database of more than 1,200.

Anito Legends NFT P2E game Philippines

Currently in its closed beta stage, Anito Legends will take on a multi-platform approach spanning PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

“We are very excited to share the Anito Legends experience with the community, no matter what platform they are gaming on. With the beta version accessible across these platforms, we are hoping to keep growing our database of over 1,200+ testers,” said Anito Legends chief executive officer James Chua.

Anito Legends calls its earned in-game currency ‘$GINTO’ which is used for summoning characters aptly named ‘Anitos’ and crafting premium gear, while the ‘$LARO’ token is used to purchase Anitos and premium items in the game’s marketplace.

The games takes inspiration from Philippine folklore and mythology, and similar to the P2E title Axie Infinity, requires players to form a team consisting of three Anitos.

The main objectives of players include building a team and customizing their equipment, feeding and training Anitos to increase their battle power, and compete in player-versus-player (PVP) matches to earn $GINTO tokens.

With its multi-platform approach, Anito Legends hopes to achieve a more targeted feedback needed by its development team.

“Being able to get direct feedback from our Anito Legends beta testers and community is incredibly valuable, especially now that we are fine-tuning most of the game’s features before the full launch,” said Anito Legends chief operations officer Erick Garayblas.

In the game, Anitos automatically play battles, with the Anito possessing the highest ATK value opening each battle round.

Some similarities Anito Legends share with Axie Infinity is the two-bar system for life and armor, and the Axie body parts which are essentially the weapons and armor for Anitos.

Based on the game’s roadmap, after introducing Player-versus-Environment (PvE) and PvP in the official June launch, raid battles and a betting system is planned for the third quarter this year.

By the end of the year, Anito Legends will commence tournament activities to engage its player base, and launch an automated scholarship system by early 2023


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