Monday, April 15, 2024

Enterprise demand spurs Canva to launch dedicated business design tools 

Canva, a graphics design platform renowned in the gig community for its wide selection of free editing tools, has decided to provide a suite of products that will cater primarily for enterprises and their respective creative needs. 

The new “Canva Visual Worksuite” also marks the company breaching 85 million users globally who are producing an average of 180 designs every second. According to Canva, its platform has become the preferred design tool in the workplace, backed by more than 10,000 jobs listed on LinkedIn requiring skills on using it.  

In a statement, Canva co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins recognized that visual communication is now a known critical skill in an organization’s team, regardless of their size or industry. Observing that the enterprise usage of Canva has skyrocketed industry-wide, the company launched Visual Worksuite to deliver enterprise-dedicated design tools which can be used from anywhere. 

“It has been incredible to see the continued growth of Canva over the last few years, as more and more people embrace the power of visual communication to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals,” Perkins remarked. 

The rise of Canva’s enterprise usage can be directly attributed to its Canva for Teams all-in-one design solution which now has 4 million subscribers across small businesses to large corporations, with companies like Zoom, Salesforce, Paypal, Reddit and Sony tripling the earnings for this specific Canva product.  

Canva itself uses its platform for the majority of its internal work starting with conceptualizing new products to develop, deciding on the approach, undergoing ideation and producing insights, bringing in new talent, communicating with the global Canva network overseas, and even running marketing campaigns aimed for public consumption.  

With Canva Presentations, the company is able to create informative vision decks that introduce new product and strategy concepts and maintain brand consistency and uniformity. By engaging visual learners with images, animations, and data visualization, Canva’s Talking Presentations helps an organization in communicating asynchronously.  

“Canva has been an invaluable tool for our business, transforming how our creative and social teams work with one another by making it easier for staff to create new designs in a way that maintains brand consistency. It’s also enabled our team to scale best practices when it comes to visual communications across the company, ensuring that we can create compelling content across all of our social and owned channels,” shared Marissa Kraines, vice president of Social and Content Marketing at Salesforce. 

With the new Visual Worksuite, the company has broken down the widely encompassing Presentations and Talking Presentations with more in-depth and specific solutions that address their users’ most common pain points.  

Teams that usually work with traditional text documents can leverage on Canva Docs to make content more visually appealing while simultaneously allowing increased collaboration opportunities.  

This document creation tool simplifies how users embed visual elements, provides instant access to design assets from Canva’s content library, allows comments and assigning tasks, and produces insights on how each individual in a team is interacting with a document. 

During Canva’s inaugural Create event, the design platform has also announced its official expansion into website building, hosting, and design. After creating more than two million websites from its closed beta program, enterprise users can now leverage on Canva’s complete design suite available for other output formats, no coding required.  

Canva Website creates interactive platforms through its simple drag-and-drop function. It also offers three ways of hosting the website: a free published domain, purchasing a new domain from Canva themselves, or publishing the new design to an already pre-existing domain.  

Some of Canva’s new enterprise tools include an editable infinite canvas for collaborative usage called Canva Whiteboards, a video background remover available through the Canva Video Suite, a door-to-door physical printing and delivery service called Canva Print, data visualization templates called Flourish, and a virtual clicker for multiple presenters.  


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