Monday, December 11, 2023

Sub-domain of AFP website defaced by hacker named ‘Hao Sheng’

A subdomain of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) website that appeared to be related to the Office of the Command Inspector General (OCIG) of the Communications, Electronics and Information Systems Service (CEISSAFP) was reported by the group Deep Web Konek to have been defaced Monday afternoon, Nov. 13.

Threat actors planted an HTML file with an image linked from Tumblr at the following URL on an AFP server.

Visiting the link showed an image of the fire ferret character “Pabu” from the Nickelodeon Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon series, with the caption “Hacked by Hao Sheng”. Viewing the source code of the webpage showed a description meta tag of “pabu supremacy”.

According to their X (formerly Twitter) page, Deep Web Konek is a group of cybersecurity security advocates who are dedicated to monitoring and publishing dark web activities and raising awareness on cybersecurity and digital literacy.


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