Saturday, April 13, 2024

IBM unveils eco-friendly LinuxONE server

Computing giant IBM recently unveiled the latest iteration of its LinuxONE server, still based on Linux and Kubernetes but revamped to deliver higher workloads but in a single-system footprint.

Photo from IBM

The development was spurred by a recent IBM IBV study, which showed that 48% of CEOs place a high premium on sustainability for their operations in the near-term future even while 51% also cited sustainability as one of their biggest hurdles due to insufficient data insights, vague ROI, and other barriers.

The company says that its LinuxONE Emperor 4 systems can decrease energy consumption by up to 75% but in 50% less space than standard x86 servers in similar working conditions.

“Data centers are energy intensive, and they can account for a large portion of an organization’s energy use. But data and technology can help companies turn sustainability ambition into action,” explained Marcel Mitran, IBM Fellow and CTO for cloud platform at IBM LinuxONE.

“Reducing data center energy consumption is a tangible way to decrease carbon footprint. In that context, migrating to IBM LinuxONE is designed to help clients meet their scale and security goals, in addition to meeting sustainability goals for today’s digital business.”


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