Monday, July 15, 2024

AI can be game-changing tool for PH firms, says IBM

Tech titan IBM said AI is here to stay and that local businesses might as well take advantage of the huge opportunities that it offers.

The US-based tech firm made this assertion in a media roundtable held on Tuesday, June 18, at the company’s office in Libis, Quezon City.

Aileen Judan-Jiao, president and technology leader of IBM Philippines, explained that generative AI adds a new layer of IT complexity to the currently-existing business models with its own set of opportunities and challenges.

A survey conducted among 3,000 CEOs from 30 countries and covering 26 industries found that privacy of data information, data lineage, and regulations as points of risk against the rate of AI adoption. 

However, 82 percent agree that AI technology has the potential to improve output and maintain a competitive advantage over their competitions, with 58 percent of them stating that the advantage would depend on who has the most advanced AI.

However, the foundation model of AI navigates through billions of parameters so it consumes a lot of processing power and energy. For example, a standard day of ChatGPT queries require energy close to 33,000 households.

IBM said its innovations that help mitigate these problems. The smaller language models (SLM) like IBM Granite which was launched in late 2023, makes use of multimodal learning and pre-trained transformer, to give the same output but with less required resources.

IBM technical sales lead Jong Torres and IBM HR Manila Delivery Center leader Fil Pestano presented how they make use of AI in the daily operations in IBM.

Being the “client zero” of their own AI technology, IBM uses AskHR to leverage generative AI in solving problems, while mitigating risks.

AskHR runs on watsonx, which is an enterprise-grade AI and data platform, that could accommodate different AI models, alongside IBM Granite. 

Actimai Philippines, an IBM ecosystem partner, also use watsonx as an AI tool for its clients to remain competitive in its line of business.

Syed Niyaz Basha, CEO and customer success officer of Actimai Philippines, showed how his company leveraged the modular system of the watsonx to be easily customized specifically for the client.

With watsonx, they are able to provide an intelligent, consistent, and conversational AI capabilities that streamlines customer service across digital channels, including social media and a mobile app.

Judan-Jiao closed the session stating that AI could be customized to fit the needs of a client or industry. 

She believed that AI regulations, copyrights, and ethics should be specific to each industry or agency for a successful AI adoption.


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