Monday, May 27, 2024

Japanese disaster resilience specialist expands in PH

Japanese disaster-resilient city development and infrastructure renovation company Kawakin Core-Tech Co. Ltd. recently announced the company’s expansion in the Philippines.

The company said its wide range of seismic and structural devices, structural analysis, inspection, and maintenance services have been expanded in the international market.

Seismic and structural devices are used in many buildings, including residential, and commercial buildings, and even bridges in Japan, where earthquakes happen more frequently than in the rest of the world.

Kawakin Core-Tech’s seismic and structural devices reduce seismic forces and absorb the shakes from earthquakes to prevent damage to the main parts of buildings such as the columns and beams. In addition to preventing buildings from collapsing and bridges from falling, the technology used ensures that the devices can be used even after a major disaster.

Amid the recent spate of large-scale disasters in Japan, an earthquake-prone country,

 “We are expanding the scope of our business from current manufacturing to ‘Total Solutions’ that provide optimal one-stop solutions for all needs related to seismic and structural devices that support social infrastructure. From the analysis of what kind of device is appropriate to the design, manufacturing that combines quality and workability, and maintenance and diagnosis that are essential to maintaining safety, we will provide the best answers to all your concerns, just like a family doctor,” Shinkichi Suzuki, president and CEO of Kawakin Holdings Group, said.

Kawakin Holdings Group president and CEO Shinkichi Suzuki

Kawakin Core-Tech’ suite of ‘Total Solutions’ is comprised of the following major services including: consulting which covers concerns about seismic devices, bearings, and expansion joints based on their years of experience in manufacturing, survey, maintenance, and analysis; design and analysi which covers designing optimal seismic and structural devices that address the specific needs of a certain project; inspection and maintenance; manufacture and installation.

Known for delivering seismic and structural devices and specialized services to Europe, the United States, and Asia, through our group companies in the US and plant in Vietnam, Kawakin Core-Tech confidently enters the Philippine market in its bid to assist the country in disaster reduction and mitigation of destruction caused by frequent earthquakes.

The Philippines sits in the so-called “Ring of Fire,” where many of the Earth’s volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur. According to Philvolcs, the country has more than 300 volcanoes and 24 are considered active. In addition, the archipelago is positioned over a number of active earthquake fractures or fault lines, making the Philippine territory prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The seismic protection technologies of Kawakin Core-Tech can provide protection and safety to the Philippine populace and structures. Thus, the local application of their expertise, products, and services is a welcome development that can help fortify and save infrastructure such as buildings and bridges from the destructive effects of earthquakes.

Kawakin Core-Tech is a member of the Kawakin Holdings Group and a manufacturer of seismic isolation devices with a 74-year history that dates back to the founding of Kawaguchi Metal.


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