Monday, June 17, 2024

IBM opens Japan Innovation Hub in PH to serve Japanese market

IBM Philippines announced on Tuesday, Dec. 4, the launch of the Japan Innovation Hub, which is an expansion of the IBM Philippines Client Innovation Center (CIC), to serve clients in the Japanese market.

Photo shows (from left) Sachin Varma, senior partner for Global Business Process Outsourcing, Kelly Chambliss, senior vice president and chief operating officer at IBM Consulting Worldwide, and Sanjiv Gupta, president of IBM Solutions Delivery Philippines

The Japan Innovation Hub aims to help clients accelerate their digital transformation fueled by Hybrid Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by increasing access to talent with deep industry capabilities, innovative technologies, and a broad ecosystem of strategic partners.

The Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and has been an important talent market for technology consulting, according to IBM.

The Japan Innovation Hub is part of IBM’s growing global network of IBM Client Innovation Centers which provide a proven model for technology and skills growth, combining industry and process skills with solutioning expertise to deliver quality-assured remote delivery.

IBM said the Japan Innovation Hub will deliver key consulting services that span Hybrid Cloud transformation, application management, talent, supply chain, finance, and procurement, among others.

The new hub will also feature the IBM Garage methodology for collaborating and co-creating with clients to achieve measurable business outcomes.

“We are supporting an increase in client demand by launching the Japan Innovation Hub, which builds on our Hybrid Cloud and AI capability in the Philippines, where we have a dedicated delivery team with strong technology skills, a passion for client innovation, and a commitment to delighting clients. I am excited to see our footprint in the Philippines expand and grow,” said Kelly Chambliss, senior vice president and chief operating officer at IBM Consulting, who inaugurated the Japan Innovation Hub at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“Our global delivery center, Philippines CIC, has been offering services and support to Japanese clients for over a decade by leveraging their deep IT industry and business knowledge as well as Japanese language capability that would satisfy the high-quality standard required by Japanese clients” said Hiroshi Katoh, managing partner at IBM Consulting Japan.

“IBM Japan Consulting is committed to further strengthen the tie with Philippines CIC to meet the continuous demand for digital transformation work for the success of our Japanese clients.”

Serving more than 200 clients and operating around the clock, the Philippines CIC has been delivering service to clients through automation, analytics, and AI since 2004.

Fifteen languages are supported, including English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.


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