Monday, December 11, 2023

Honor books higher traction in PH with Honor X9a launch

From the teasers to the full-fledged official launch of its new midrange offering, Honor Philippines reported a significant spike in engagements from its social media channels driven by the curiosity of Filipino fans on the complete specifications and retail price of the Honor X9a 5G-powered premium budget smartphone.

Joepy Libo-on, brand marketing manager of Honor Philippines.

“After we shocked the Philippines because of the Honor X9a 5G phone smash challenge, we were able to hit such (brand) awareness which is beyond incomparable. And because of the viral videos…our social media pages blew up,” said Joepy Libo-on, brand marketing manager of Honor Philippines.

The brand considers the Honor X9a as its “indestructible” smartphone product and activated numerous campaigns on social media to showcase the phone’s durability when dropped from certain heights and smashed against moderate to hard household objects.

Libo-on continued that the Honor X9a is a great leap of innovation for the whole Honor X portfolio, directly addressing industry-wide pain points and challenges.

From a product engineering standpoint, she says that the device reconciled the high durability screen and speedy response and refresh rate which rarely co-exist. The same was also said on large battery capacities and thin form factors.

“You can’t have it all. But with Honor X9a 5G, we were able to merge all of those specs in one device. Honor wants to redefine premium and instead of focusing on the design alone, we were able to innovate hardcore quality,” she argued.

Honor claims that the Honor X9a is the first smartphone in its price segment to feature an OLED-type curved screen beyond its extreme toughness, delivering a more immersive viewing experience to Honor fans.

Citing a consumer research which shows that users are concerned about mistouch incidents since the palms are making direct contact with the edges, Honor also added an AI-enabled mistouch prevention feature to ease the minds of its users.

“Honor wants to change the standard. Premium is not just about the design, but it’s also having powerful features packed in a beautiful design that is durable enough to serve your daily needs,” she concluded.

Some of its features include a 6nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, an Adreno 619 GPU, extended memory, a 64MP main camera sensor, an optical under-display fingerprint reader, and a 5100mAh battery with 40W charging capacity.

“Packed with substantial upgrades, the HONOR X9a 5G offers our latest smartphone solutions including an exceptional display and compelling design features without the premium price tag, setting a new standard for the industry’s affordable category,” added Stephen Cheng, vice president for Marketing at Honor.

The Honor X9a 5G is available in two colorways: Titanium Silver and Emerald Green, retailing for P16,990. Each purchase entitles customers to a free Honor Earbuds X3 Lite valued at P3,999.


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