Monday, June 17, 2024

Converge ICT to start rollout of fiber broadband offerings in Boracay

Fiber Internet service provider, Converge ICT Solutions announced that it’s ready to serve the residents and businesses of the island of Boracay by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Converge officials meet with Malay mayor Frolibar Bautista (center) to discuss opportunities in digital infrastructure for the island powered by end-to-end fiber network

Converge and the Boracay IT Association (BITA) agreed on their shared goal of seeking to further elevate Boracay’s reputation through Converge Business’ wide range of business-grade connectivity solutions. For their part, BITA expressed their enthusiasm for the company’s arrival on the island and their support and desire to acquire its services.

“We are excited to finally bring our world-class fiber broadband to Boracay, itself a world-class tourist destination. We are here to serve the connectivity needs of both local and foreign tourists, as we know internet connection is a value-adding service to any tourist hot spot. With this, hopefully we can meaningfully contribute to Boracay’s tourist-driven economy,” Dennis Anthony Uy, CEO and cofounder of Converge, said.

“We’re thrilled to finally arrive in Boracay and share the fruits of our ‘Go Deep, Go National’ strategy. Converge has been working hard to further expand our fiber footprint in the Philippines so we can reach the unserved and underserved,” Jesus C. Romero, Converge CFO, said.

“Boracay is an amazing place for memories and adventure, and we hope to make it the absolute paradise that it already is by providing its residents, visitors, and businesses a consistent, hassle-free, and seamless connectivity experience through our world-class, award-winning products and services.”

The arrival of Converge on the island heralds a shift in the tides of doing business in Boracay. The hospitality industry will be the major recipient of the company’s innovative and award-winning products. Businesses will enjoy the benefits of dedicated, hyper-secured, and uninterrupted connectivity services for continuous business productivity, which will lead to increased profit and customer loyalty.

The company also hopes to provide service to a new breed of free-spirited island-hopping entrepreneurs aptly called “Digital Nomads.”

Considered independent, high-value entrepreneurial tourists, digital nomads work remotely in hotels, cafés, co-working spaces, and temporary housing, relying heavily on having a high-speed and stable internet connection to conduct their businesses.

Converge believes that recognizing the emergence of this new business movement will not only encourage economic growth on the island but also in the country.

“Boracay is lauded as the premiere travel destination in the Philippines and was recognized as the top island in Asia at the 2022 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards and in Time Magazine’s 50 World’s Greatest Places of 2022. We often hear about its beauty and the diverse set of businesses present on the island, but we are also aware that connectivity within the island needs improvement,” Mike Maquiran, Converge regional GM for VisMin, said.

“One of the foremost needs of the modern traveler is having a stable and fast internet connection, while businesses require a reliable and better partner in connectivity. We are confident that our products and services will help cement the island’s luxurious reputation.”


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