Monday, May 20, 2024

KMC opens 553-seat coworking space in SM North EDSA

KMC, which is said to be the country’s largest provider of coworking spaces, inaugurated its latest facility at SM North EDSA Tower 1 in Quezon City.

The company said it also plans to open two more sites at Jollibee Tower, Pasig, and Lexmark, Cebu Business Park in May.

Each offers state-of-the-art tech and business facilities and fully equipped social amenities, making hybrid work more achievable and sustainable for Filipino businesses.

SM North EDSA Tower 1 is KMC Solutions’ first new flexible office development in 2023, with 553 seats across 2,449 sqm of floorspace.

Located close to transit hubs, pedestrian walkways, shopping malls, and restaurants, the new flexible workspace in Manila offers a flexible working environment with hot desks and retractable outlets alongside a pantry, mind and body training room, shower facilities, and an ice cream machine.

Meanwhile, the Jollibee Tower on Emerald Street, Ortigas, will offer 741 seats over 1,869 sqm of floor space, while the 5,590-sqm Lexmark, a PEZA-accredited building, will have 1,215 seats.

KMC’s total footprint now spans across 27 buildings, totalling an impressive 106,442 square meters. Businesses and individuals renting office space in the KMC Solutions developments can expect flexible workspace designed for human moments.

KMC’s latest addition, the SM North EDSA Tower 1, is opening at a time when many employees are seeking to rebuild their social capital, which McKinsey defines as “the presence of networks, relationships, shared norms, and trust,” following the isolation and disruption caused by the pandemic.

As a result, the role of the office is shifting from an individual-focused work environment to a social hub that fosters cooperation and innovative, unscripted collaboration. KMC recognizes this changing dynamic and has designed their space at SM North EDSA Tower 1 with this in mind, creating a flexible workspace that caters to the diverse needs of modern businesses and their employees.

Hybrid office space allows for the in-person mentoring, meetings, and team communication, valued in particular by increasing numbers of Gen Z employees, but with the seamless flexibility for staff to enjoy the ease and efficiency of a working day at home.

Commenting on the launch, Gian Reyes, VP of marketing at KMC Solutions, said: “For businesses in the Philippines, the future of work is clear. People work best when they have the flexibility to work how they are programmed to work, not how they are forced to by traditional workplace norms.

“The pandemic has given businesses in the Philippines the opportunity to rethink how they get the most out of their employees. Flexible working from a hybrid office is the future our businesses need.”


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