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Reality TV show ‘The FinalPitch’ opens submissions for Season 9

The FinalPitch, the business reality show that has been connecting entrepreneurs with investors, is back on its 9th season.

Creator and host John Aguilar recently announced the show’s return and the introduction of this year’s panel of investors. They are:

  • Rico Bautista, president and CEO of Etiqa Philippines
  • Brian Poe Llamanzares, president of Pantheon Holdings
  • Henry Aguda, president and CEO of UnionDigital Bank, member-convenor of Go Digital Philippines
  • Ilan Fluss, Israeli ambassador;
  • Laure Beaufils, British ambassador;
  • Robert Scott, vice president-hotel operations of Okada Manila

 “We are having one of the most exciting seasons to date because in previous seasons we have had a majority of start-ups joining us on the tech side. This time we are opening up The FinalPitch to a wider scope of entrepreneurs,” Aguilar said.

“We are welcoming different kinds of entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators,” he added.

Bautista said he is looking for start-ups with strategic ideas with a clear business objective that can help Etiqa in its insurance business.

“I am looking for an entrepreneurial and passionate leader with a strong business team that has the ability to combine art with technology,” said Bautista.

Llamanzares, meanwhile, said he wants to engage with entrepreneurs who possess a clear vision of what their company need to grow and thrive — whether it be a technological solution, marketing assistance, or networking opportunities.

Aguda, on the other hand, is looking for groundbreaking ideas that can not only transform the industry but provide help to the public sector.

“My excitement is for looking for solutions that we can take to the government and be the ones to scale up. Maybe an entrepreneur or a startup can solve a problem that the government is trying to solve and the government becomes the accelerator to make them a unicorn,” he said.

Aguilar said the show will be conducting an open house mentoring day on May 23 to be held at the auditorium of Thames international business school with the following expert mentors:

  • Dean Bernales, founder and CEO of Uniquecorn Strategies;
  • Chris Peralta, founder of Silicon Valley HQ;
  • Vince Golangco, CEO and ounder of When in Manila;
  • Atty. Marlon Valderama, founder and CEO of LexMeet;
  • Joel Santos, president of Thames International Business School;
  • Paolo Rentero, co-founder of TechShake.

To join The Final Pitch, interested applicants will be required to fill out and submit an online entry form through this link via its official website. The deadline for submission of applications is until May 13, 2023. Participants who wish to join the May 23 Open House Mentoring Day can register through this link or visit the The Final Pitch Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


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