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P7-M data analytics and automation lab opens at University of Cabuyao

With the aim of strengthening the research capacity of the province of Laguna, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) officially inaugurated the Data Analytics-Network Grid and Automation Laboratory (DANGAL) at the University of Cabuyao (UC) on Friday, May 26.

Photo shows DOST-PCIEERD executive director Eric Paringit (left) and Cabuyao City mayor Dennis Felipe Hain unveiling the facility with university officials

The DOST’s Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) funded the facility to the tune of P7 million.

The laboratory will concentrate on warehouse automation, which includes automated storage and retrieval systems, autonomous mobile robots, automatic guided vehicles, pick-to-light and put-to-light systems, voice picking and tasking, automated sortation systems, and goods-to-person (GTP) systems.

Enrico C. Paringit, executive director of DOST-PCIEERD, emphasized that there should be recognition of cutting-edge research, which requires state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories since this is a part of the Institution Development Program (IDP) of the council.

“It is important that we ensure that our institutions have the necessary resources to pursue innovative research and development,” said Paringit.

The UC (PNC) Dangal Research Laboratory also represents the institution’s dedication to fostering the advancement of technology development and seizing the opportunities brought by Industry 4.0, according to Paringit.

The lab will operate as a catalyst for cooperation, information exchange, and research improvements both inside and outside the confines of this university and in Laguna’s manufacturing sectors.

He also reminded the University of Cabuyao’s faculty and students to regard the UC Dangal Research Laboratory as more than a physical space filled with equipment and advanced technologies.

“May this be a symbol of the aspirations and ambitions of the students and researchers and a space where ideas will flourish, where innovation will be nurtured, and where solutions to real-world challenges will be born,” said Paringit.

The facility’s project leader, Mary Grace Beaño, told UC teachers and students during her talk on the importance of the lab in terms of capacity-building and its dedication to national development through research and development.

The lab also aims to increase the skills of the College of Computing and Engineering by promoting practical training for both staff and students and by enhancing the data analytics, network, grid, and automation processes between Laguna industrial firms and the university.

DANGAL is the city’s first laboratory supported by PCIEERD’s Institution Development Program (IDP), a program that strengthens the capability of institutions to undertake research in industry, energy and emerging technology fields.

The program covers provision of support for the establishment and upgrading of research laboratories and facilities of academic and research institutions in the country.


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