Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Survey reveals security challenges amid ‘branch-office-of-one’ trend

Network security firm Fortinet has released the results of a survey it jointly commissioned with IDC, which assessed 450 cybersecurity leaders across nine countries in the Asia-Pacific region including the Philippines.

In the study, it was found that there was significant shift towards hybrid or fully remote work models in the Philippines, with 88% of respondents embracing this flexible approach.

Among the respondents, an impressive 58% reported that at least half of their employees are now working in hybrid mode.

The paradigm shift has transformed employees into “branch offices of one,” as they operate from their homes or alternative locations outside the traditional office setting, according to the study.

As a consequence of this remote work surge, the survey revealed notable predictions regarding device management.

Nearly half of the respondents in the Philippines (48%) anticipate a significant increase of over 100% in managed devices within the next two years.

Moreover, a majority of respondents (76%) expressed expectations for unmanaged devices to grow by more than 50%.

The report also said cloud computing and remote work have led to an increase in users, devices, and data outside enterprise networks.

In the Philippines, 30% of network-connected devices are currently unmanaged, raising the risk of breaches, the report added.

A survey also revealed that organizations currently require over 30 connections to third-party cloud applications, significantly escalating the risk of security breaches.

Disturbingly, 100% of respondents foresee this number doubling in the next two years, with over 70% expressing concerns of a triple increase, exacerbating the vulnerability further.

“These findings highlight the importance of prioritizing security posture and investing in cloud-delivered solutions that seamlessly integrate with on-prem solutions to manage hybrid work environments and mitigate risks,” said Simon Piff, vice president for research at IDC Asia-Pacific.


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