AWS uses game-based concepts to enhance digital skills

Each assignment uses AWS services to address a challenge for one of the firm’s departments.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud service arm of technology giant Amazon, said it is aiming to bridge the gap in digital skills by using a game-based approach to training.

The company said in line with this, it recently unveiled the AWS Industry Quest for Financial Services, a game-based learning experience specifically designed for financial service employees to help them build innovative new banking solutions on the cloud.

Emmanuel Pillai, head of Education and Training of AWS in Asean, said at the sidelines of the AWS Asean Summit in Singapore that the financial services industry is now undergoing a swift digital transformation.

According to him, this evolution comes with the urgent need for a digitally skilled workforce that can help financial institutions fully benefit from cloud technology. 

“Organizations that upskill their existing workforce see an ROI in the hundred percent and above. The reason for this is because after the upskilling process, companies will now have employees who understand the company culture,” Pillai said.

“By providing them with the right skill sets, as well as by working with AWS training and certification, we are able to provide years of experience – our global experience – to build customized training programs that can drive this level of innovation.”

Pillai added that: “To help bridge the digital skills gap that exists in our region, we are proud to offer AWS Industry Quest for Financial Services,” adding that the game allows for problem-solving and analytical concepts needed to further enhance digital skills.

Speaking of skills, AWS earlier announced that it commissioned a survey entitled, “Asia Pacific Digital Skills Study: The Economic Benefits of a Tech-Savvy Workforce.”

Conducted by Gallup, the study surveyed 16,000 working adults and 7,500 employers based in Australia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand across a variety of public and private sector organizations and industries.

The study revealed that Financial Services Industry (FSI) workers in the Asean region continue to face challenges in receiving training despite various governments’ recognition of the importance of building a tech-savvy workforce for the industry’s growth and success.

Here are other key findings of the survey:

  1. More than four in five (85%) financial services workers in the Asean region are “extremely” or “very interested” in training in at least one digital skill.
  2. Financial services workers across Asean are “extremely” or “very interested” in receiving training for an average of 19 digital skills such as AI and Cybersecurity.
  3. Lack of time is the greatest barrier to financial services workers in the Asean region receiving digital skills training. Roughly half of workers (51%) say lack of time is a barrier.
  4. Increased efficiency was the most named result among financial services workers across Asean who received digital training. Forty-four percent of FSI workers who participated in the training say their work efficiency increased as a result (of the training).