Friday, June 21, 2024

Tech firm highlights role of ‘observability’ for network, cloud security

Silicon Valley-based tech firm Gigamon recently organized a press briefing to emphasize the significance of “observability” in the cloud and networks in ensuring the long-term sustainability of business operations.

Bassam Khan, vice president of product and technical marketing engineering at Gigamon, shed light on the latest global security trends that have a profound impact on numerous businesses today.

According to a survey conducted by Gartner, a significant number of workloads are transitioning to the cloud as businesses embrace innovative cloud technologies and revamp their operational models.

Currently, around 10% of workloads are automated, but within the next four years, this figure is projected to witness a staggering growth of seven times.

As organizations adopt diverse cloud platforms to meet their specific needs, it introduces complexities for IT teams responsible for ensuring security and protection.

“Gigamon allows the other people in operation, the developers, devOP teams. They now can get visibility much earlier into what is happening,” said Khan.

Gigamon said its products enhances visibility of security tools, enabling non-security personnel to effectively address security issues.

By eliminating all blind spots, Gigamon ensures crucial information is visible during data traffic between devices and servers (from data centers to the cloud).

Additionally, Gigamon said its products boost the effectiveness of security applications by 70% to 80%.


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