Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Indian cybersecurity firm opens in PH its 5th global facility

Bangalore, India-headquartered Inspira Enterprise, a provider of cybersecurity risk management services, announced last July 18 the opening of its fifth Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) in the Philippines.

The cybersecurity hub bolsters Inspira’s worldwide cybersecurity reach, which aims to equip organizations with proactive measures to effectively address cyber risks and fortify their businesses.

Located at the Finance Centre Building in BGC, Taguig City, the facility will serve as a dedicated service center for Filipino conglomerates, offering a convenient near-shore option for Asean multinationals, and serving as an in-region hub for Asia Pacific clients.

“The launch of our fifth CFC in the Philippines is a strategic move, demonstrating our commitment to global growth and cybersecurity excellence. It represents our multi-million-dollar investment in cybersecurity talent, packaged solutions, and industry-based expertise,” said Josef Figueroa, Asean president of Inspira.

The facility houses both the company’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and the Network Operations Center (NOC) under one roof, suggesting a unified and integrated approach to address the real-world threats.

“In recent years, we have seen organizations integrating different products and services into their systems and processes. This approach, however, overwhelms security teams with too many alerts and incidents on different screens,” said Jose Maria Palanca, Inspira’s Sales director for Philippines. 

Inspira said it aims to assist its clients in addressing various challenges by integrating security tools and services, offering as well a streamlined approach that simplifies the review of alerts and incidents across multiple dashboards.

Moreover, in addition to its security capabilities, the new hub serves as a Customer Experience Center (CEC), where Inspira showcases its innovations in cybersecurity and analytics.

It also seeks to address the shortage of cyber skills through strategic partnerships with other organizations and academic institutions.

The facility is fully integrated with Inspira’s other CFCs, ensuring customers receive comprehensive coverage regardless of time or location.

With multiple CFCs spread across different regions like India, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, Inspira adopts a “follow the sun” approach to cybersecurity support.

This global presence facilitates close collaboration with each customer, developing personalized cybersecurity solutions that cater to their unique needs.


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