Saturday, March 2, 2024

Converge ICT powers Italian resto in Puerto Galera

Il Capo Smoke Haus, an Italian restaurant in Puerto Galera, said it has drastically improved its operations by using a Converge Internet connection.

The restaurant serves patrons with rich flavors of Italian cuisine made with a Pinoy twist, from burgers, pasta, and steaks, to diverse options of hot and cold drinks.

“Our Internet makes a significant difference because before, our data would quickly run out. But if it’s the Internet, all of us are connected, and in terms of playing sounds, it’s better and more continuous when we listen on YouTube,” business owner and matriarch Maria Corazon Abante Dela Peña said.

“As for our posts, we couldn’t put out ads before. But when we got strong Internet because of Converge, our advertisement now reaches a wider audience.”

Dela Peña, or Maya, said Il Capo is a family business that was born from the hard work of Maya’s son Keith Limuel who is a cooking enthusiast.

Settling in Italy with his parents who were overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the younger Dela Peña took a culinary course to personally study the traditional cooking techniques of Italy.

Later on, he worked as a kitchen manager in a restaurant, and with his knowledge about the ins and outs of food service, he went back to the Philippines to set up his own business.

The pandemic temporarily stalled the opening of the business but as the tourism sector started to pick up, Keith captivated taste buds, serving meticulously smoked pork, beef, and sausages through the small booth he put up along the bays of Muelle.

One thing to be amazed by the restaurant is its walls donned with vintage wine bottles. Along with their cheesy and meaty burgers on the menu, Il Capo offers authentic Italian wines which the family diligently collected while overseas.

And with all its wares on display, the restaurant has now become a place for customers to take aesthetic Instagrammable pics, connect with friends, and share exciting stories over good food.

But to elevate the dining experience of patrons, Maya equipped the resto with robust connectivity through the country’s leading fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions.

Converge offers flexiBIZ, an array of business-grade internet solutions designed for small-scale businesses looking for affordable and reliable connectivity to power up their operations. It features fast, secure, and customizable connectivity, catering to the unique requirements of MSMEs.

It comes in two variations with flexiBIZ Daytime providing businesses with speeds twice as fast during peak operations, and flexiBIZ Peak for a fixed maximum speed consistent throughout the day.

Amid the success of the business, Il Capo’s culinary journey is far from over. Bolstered by the positive reception for its offerings and the support of its customers, the restaurant aspires to introduce pizzas to its menu soon, targeting the metro as its next prime location.

Currently, Keith manages another restaurant business named Red Tomato with his wife Jade, co-piloting their branches in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro and San Jose, Occidental Mindoro as Maya supervises the operations of Il Capo in Puerto Galera.


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