Thursday, February 29, 2024

ONE Esports bares tie-up with Phoenixx to boost ‘NeverAwake’

Global esports media platform ONE Esports has announced its partnership with Japanese video game publisher Phoenixx to elevate the profile of the award-winning game NeverAwake.

The collaboration marks a significant step forward in amplifying the twin-stick shooter title to gaming fans worldwide.

Under the partnership, ONE Esports will curate and publish content around NeverAwake, including in-depth game guides, and comprehensive reviews across five languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese.

NeverAwake content will be accessible on ONE Esports’ platforms,, and its social media channels.

“We are excited to work hand-in-hand with Phoenixx Inc. to supercharge the NeverAwake experience for gaming and esports fans,” said Carlos Alimurung, CEO of ONE Esports.

“Our goal is to provide comprehensive and engaging content and coverage that will not only enhance the gameplay experience, but also foster a vibrant global community around the game.”

“NeverAwake is a twin-stick shooter game with a unique storyline and immersive, hand-drawn graphics,” said Azusa Kawamura, producer at Phoenixx.

“We are pleased to partner with ONE Esports and look forward to bringing the captivating world of NeverAwake to fans in Southeast Asia and beyond.”

NeverAwake has garnered a high level of anticipation and participation among gamers worldwide due to its storyline and gameplay.


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