Monday, April 15, 2024

Converge CEO joins MWC Barcelona to share fiber growth in PH

Converge CEO and co-founder Dennis Anthony Uy will join at least 80,000 global tech leaders who will converge in Barcelona this week for the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Uy will talk about how fiber technology helped uplift broadband connectivity in the Philippines at the forum of optical fiber company Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable (YOFC), entitled “All Optical Connectivity with New Value”.

The global tech and connectivity event kicks off on Monday, Feb. 26, and will see the largest congregation of the titans of the tech industry worldwide, as well as the heads of government authorities and regulating bodies.

MWC will serve as a week-long, wide-ranging platform for dialogue on emerging trends and issues impacting the global technology landscape. 

Uy, nicknamed ‘The Fiber Master’ for his pioneering effort to bring fiber technology to the Philippines, expressed his excitement at the discussions to be had at the MWC.

“It’s an exciting time to take part in international conferences such as this, where prominent voices in the tech industry are heard and ideas are the ultimate currency. Especially now that AI is such a topical issue, I’m sure a lot of innovative views will be shared and we will get a good pulse of where the industry is going,” he said.

On Wednesday, Feb. 28), Uy will take the stage at the forum of YOFC and impart the Philippines’ fiber journey from its introduction in the 1990s to the present, and the rise of broadband use and penetration in the Philippines, especially during the market-disrupting entry of Converge at the height of the pandemic.

“Apart from the industry talk, I’m also excited to share a snapshot of the Philippines’ connectivity landscape at the forum. The pandemic truly changed the picture of the entire market, not just with the growth of Converge; the Philippines was forced to embrace technology and it presented us with as many opportunities as challenges,” Uy added.


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