Monday, May 27, 2024

Tech firm cites need for digital transformation in PH hotels

Energy management and digital automation firm Schneider Electric has emphasized during the recent Hotel + Accommodation Industry Summit Philippines 2024 that sustainability plays a crucial role in the hotel and accommodation industry, as 2 out of 3 travelers now prefer establishments that engage in green practices.

This growing preference for sustainable establishments coincides with the expected return of international travel to pre-pandemic levels this 2024, which is estimated to grow by 2% above 2019 figures, according to the first UNWTO World Tourism Barometer of the Year.

Schneider Electric’s segment head of East Asia and Japan Madhu Menon explained that digital transformation could enable the industry to continue offering comfort and convenience to travelers while reducing its energy consumption.

“Travelers are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint,” Menon said as he emphasized that “this shift in priorities underscores the need for hotels to embrace innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate sustainability and efficiency into their operations.”

He added that hotels consume 50% more energy than similar-sized residential buildings despite having only 55% occupancy rates on average.

This integration can be accomplished with end-to-end digital solutions that Schneider Electric offers through EcoStruxure IT, the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform that provides energy management and automation solutions.

Specifically, this technology features the Asset Advisor and Building Advisor, offering cloud-based analytics to monitor and control their energy use in real time, identify savings opportunities, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, its Building Operation and Power Monitoring Expert provides data-driven insights to inform hotels about possible problems and diagnostics and determine areas for maintenance– decreasing downtime and guest complaints.

To future-proof hotels in the Philippines, Schneider Electric identified four focus areas where end-to-end solutions could be utilized:

  1. Reducing carbon footprint by adopting greener sources of energy,
  2. Improving the efficiency of operations and energy use as well as the productivity of staff,
  3. Ensuring continuity and agility in operations, and
  4. Delivering exceptional guest and staff experiences

    As the Philippine hospitality industry gears up for a travel boom, embracing sustainability and digitalization is no longer an option but a necessity. Schneider Electric stands ready to partner with hotels on their journey toward a greener, more efficient, and future-proof business.


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