Friday, April 19, 2024

Pinoy group claims responsibility for hacking of PCG Facebook page

Local hacking group HulkSec Philippines has implied that it is responsible for the ongoing hack of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Facebook page.

PCG’s Facebook page was compromised on Friday, March 29, and started posting Hollywood movie clips. As of Sunday, March 31, the PCG has still not regained control of their page and it was still posting edited clips of action, martial arts, and horror movies on its timeline.

HulkSec Philippines showed on its Facebook page timeline screenshots alleging its control of the PCG Facebook page. In the first screenshot, it showed a page administrator view indicating that it controlled the following pages: Philippine Coast Guard, HulkSec Philippines, Pharaoh PH, and Anonymous Cebu.

The HulkSec post also showed screenshots indicating that they had the ability to change the profile name and username of the PCG page.

Other groups HulkSec Philippines claims to have previously exploited include the Philippine Statistics Authority, STI Caloocan, Rogationist College, Bulacan State University, and the City Government of Davao.

Meanwhile, the PCG Facebook page indicates that its official website URL is Visiting the URL shows users a warning that its security certificate is invalid and is meant for * (the Department of Health Website). This indicates a misconfiguration on the part of the PCG website administrators, or a compromise of their systems.

Going to the non-SSL URL gives a 404 Not Found error message, while going to the URL displays the PCG website normally.


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