Monday, June 24, 2024

Energy solutions firm CHINT Electric inks partnership with LJ Industrial

CHINT, a global smart energy solutions provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with LJ Industrial Fabrication to provide the Philippine market access to an extensive range of smart energy technologies.

Through partnership, LJ Industrial will offer the local market full access to CHINT’s full range of smart energy products (Low-voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage).

With over 7,100 islands in the Philippines, providing electricity to the whole country is challenging. As such, there is a need to power these islands with a series of smart energy systems and solutions including microgrids, transformers, and other High Voltage electrical equipment.

Locally, CHINT has provided solutions and EPC services to different segments such as national grid, distribution utilities, renewable development, commercial and industry, and data center.

With 40 years of global experience and a team of top engineers and research scientists spanning over 140 countries and regions, CHINT is at the forefront of reimagining smart energy solutions, utilizing smart energy technologies to drive the future of industries.

CHINT’s solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with smart grids, supporting countries in transitioning to more renewable energy sources and reducing their environmental impact.

CHINT’s commitment to customers goes beyond just selling products. It extends to ensuring the entire lifecycle of their energy solutions meets high standards globally – from manufacturing to installation and after-sales service. CHINT strategically partners with organizations like LJ Industrial, which share the same principles.

The partnership will provide customers in the Philippines with faster access to CHINT’s localized transmission and distribution (T&D) products and services.

By leveraging LJ Industrial’s established infrastructure network and combining CHINT’s solutions, CHINT believes they can create a synergy that will improve the reliability and efficiency of smart energy infrastructures in the Philippines.

LJ Industrial Fabrication Inc. is one of 14 companies under the LJ Group, a top-tier original electrical manufacturer and panel builder in the Philippines.

With LJ Group’s strategically placed facilities and 14 strong affiliate companies under its wing, the group is well-positioned to supply CHINT’s innovative solutions to customers across the Philippines.

LJ Group delivers solutions to various sectors, including energy and infrastructure, industrial controls, electrical distribution, building automation, critical power & cooling, power quality monitoring & control, and contracting services. The group caters to customers in power utilities, OEM installers, engineering firms, and more.

At the signing ceremony, Roland Nolan Enriquez, CEO and president of LJ Industrial Fabrication, said: “We are proud to forge this strategic partnership with CHINT Global, a pioneer in smart energy solutions. This collaboration signifies a stride towards empowering the Philippine market with more advanced, sustainable, and reliable energy solutions.

“With our extensive network, UL-listed and ISO-certified manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to after-sales support, we are fully equipped to bring CHINT’s innovation-led products all across the country, illuminating the future of energy in the Philippines.”


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