Author: Danny Escasa

Blog | Turn your PC into a post-PC device

A number of projects have brought cloud-centric Operating Systems to PCs. Two of them, Remix and Phoenix, are Android work-alikes, and a third, CloudReady, is Chrome OS-like.

Educate girls, change the world

Nine remarkable girls whose stories are told in Girl Rising”, a film powered by tech giant Intel and global television distributor CNN Films.

Intel makes inroads into mobility

Who cares if your tablet or smartphone sports an “Intel Inside” logo? Acer, ASUS, Coby, Lava, Lenovo, Motorola, Ramos, and Xolo do. And they’re counting

Pinoy developers urged to ‘hack’ their way to Silicon Valley

Smart Communications and IdeaSpace Foundation are encouraging developers to hack their way into Silicon Valley by joining the Philippine leg of the AngelHack Spring Global Challenge, which is said to be the world?s largest coding marathon to date.

ESCASA | Bullet-proof your social network accounts

Social media is now the preferred battleground for cybercrime. This is because social network users trust their friends, status updates go viral, and a share is just a mouse click away.

LG’s Optimus G and gadget lust

Few things rouse a techie’s gadget lust more than a product launch. LG has done just that, with the launch of the Optimus G.

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