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Data Privacy

NPC unveils PhilHealth breach checker portal

Saying it is the first such initiative it has undertaken, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) has launched the "Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?", a database search portal designed to help individuals verify the status of their personal information in light of the recent hacking incident against PhilHealth.

NPC issues ‘guidance’ on fake PhilHealth IDs as result of data leak

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) issued on Wednesday, Oct. 11, a “guidance” for Personal Information Controllers (PICs) and Personal Information Processors (PIPs) on the potential proliferation of counterfeit PhilHealth IDs as a result of the data leak at the agency.

Privacy groups urge DICT, NPC to warn public on impact of PhilHealth data breach

The National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines (NADPOP) and the Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team (PH-CERT) said regulators should already anticipate the worst-case scenario as it is better to warn Filipino consumers as soon as possible as the threat actors can already exploit the illegally accessed personal information.

ANALYSIS | PhilHealth DPO using free GMail opens up further scams, cyberattacks

While it is commendable that PhilHealth is now being transparent about the cyberattack, it is concerning that their DPO and action center utilized email addresses with domains for their official functions.

PEZA, BOC ink data-sharing deal on e-transfer systems  

The data-sharing agreement now allows PEZA to have access in tracking, monitoring, and auditing the location and condition of cargoes, as well as obtain real-time alarms on diversion and tampering of cargoes.

NPC warns public on sale of pre-registered SIM cards

The NPC said it has observed alarming instances wherein certain individuals, ostensibly acting as agents of malevolent entities, are enticing unsuspecting individuals with monetary offers as much as P1,000 in exchange for SIM cards that have been registered.

SC penalizes 5 lawyers over homophobic Facebook posts

In penalizing the five lawyers, the Supreme Court said the right to privacy of lawyers is limited, especially when it comes to their social media accounts.

License of online lender revoked for unlawful debt collection practices

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has revoked with finality the license of Populus Lending Corporation to operate as a lending corporation for unlawful debt collection practices and failure to disclose its online lending platforms (OLPs) to the agency.

Data exposure due to misuse of ‘cc’ in email on the rise, says NPC

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said security incidents as a result of inadvertent use of the “cc” or carbon copy function have risen since 2021.

NPC warns firms, villages against indiscriminate taking photos of IDs

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) on Saturday, Aug. 5, warned against the “prevalent practices” by certain businesses and associations of taking photos of identification (ID) cards of customers or other persons using the electronic devices of their employees or agents without safeguards or privacy notice.

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