Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Scammers pounce on election of Pope Francis

The new spam campaign intrigues users into clicking on the links in the emails by using headlines related to Pope Francis and controversies surrounding the Catholic Church.

Malware that spies on gov’t agencies uncovered

Kaspersky Lab has published a new report that analyzed a series of security incidents involving the use of the recently discovered PDF exploit in Adobe Reader and a new, highly customized malicious program known as MiniDuke.

Report: Cybercrime is 2nd biggest threat to biz

A new report has indicated that half of global businesses see cybercrime in its various forms as the second biggest threat to their business, a close second to economic uncertainty.

25% of DDoS attacks in 2013 will be app-based

2012 witnessed a new level of sophistication in organized attacks against enterprises across the globe, and they will grow in sophistication and effectiveness in 2013.

Cyber-espionage aimed at gov?t, biz uncovered

Kaspersky Lab has revealed that significant attacks on government and organizations are on the rise with its discovery of an advanced network of cyber-espionage dubbed ?Red October? or Rocra.

How to avoid ?honey traps? when seeking your soul mate online

Various virtual "honey traps" are not uncommon on the Web ? and once dazzled by a momentary passion, a user can easily find himself left without money or with a nasty infection on his machine

Cyber threats making the rounds this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day represents one of the big shopping periods of the year, but online shoppers are cautioned not to be fooled by various promos as both online retailers and spammers take steps to attract and convert shoppers.

40% of ‘Net users prefer social log-ins over new account

SOCIAL MEDIA HOLE. Siva Belasamy, regional sales director for Oracle Asean, said in a recent media briefing that percent of consumers (2 out of every 5) prefer social log-ins over creating a new or guest account. He said this practice could open up a slew of security threats, especially in the workplace.

Hacking cases on the rise among traders in Region 10

The Department of Trade and Industry Region 10 has issued a warning to entrepreneurs on the increasing cases of cyber hackings, particularly among Filipino importers and Chinese suppliers.

Palace: DOST may host all gov’t sites

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said migrating? or moving all government websites to the government host will ensure their safety from hackers as the government domain, which is managed by the DOST, is less prone to hacking.

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