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PODCAST | Cyber lawyer JJ Disini says music industry jumpstarted career in ICT law

So far, the highlights of his career as a cyber lawyer include the drafting the implementing rules and regulations for the E-Commerce Act and filing a petition in the Supreme Court — the landmark case Disini v. The Secretary of Justice — where he questioned the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Tech giants reveal how they adapted during pandemic

In a virtual town hall, representatives from tech giants Netflix, Amazon, Google, Grab, and Mynt discussed the technologies and steps they adopted to cope during the Covid-19 digital shift.

PODCAST | Dr. Bill Torres recounts events around birth of Internet in PH

Dr. William “Bill” Torres, also known unofficially as the “Father of the Philippine Internet”, reminisced about the history and evolution of Internet in the country during the third episode of new podcast IN BETWEEN presented by Tech Sabado and Newsbytes.PH.


PODCAST | Ex-DICT usec Rio reveals ‘text’ role in Edsa Dos

Eliseo M. Rio Jr., former acting secretary and undersecretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), shared the high points of his decades-long career in the government during the second episode of new podcast IN BETWEEN presented by Tech Sabado and Newsbytes.PH.

5G Huawei Galileo Hall Philippines News

Huawei Galileo Hall reveals future of 5G

he company saw fit to name its new 5G exhibit the “Galileo Hall” – a representation of the brand’s continuous exploration efforts to reveal the unknown capabilities of 5G, all in the starry backdrop of space.

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