Monday, June 24, 2024
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cable theft

6 nabbed in separate cable theft incidents in Manila

Local telco Globe has intensified its nationwide campaign against cable theft in close coordination with local authorities, resulting in the recent arrest of six cable thieves in Metro Manila.

Globe reports lower cable theft incidents from Jan-May 2023

The decrease in cable theft is due to the reduction in existing copper cable lines as part of Globe’s transition to fiber, and the bundling of cables that makes it more difficult to cut.

Sky Cable intensifies campaign against illegal cable cutting

Sky Cable said it is intensifying its campaign against rampant illegal cable cutting and theft that has adversely affected thousands of Filipino families’ access to Internet and cable connectivity, information, and entertainment.

Local telcos, cable firms move to curb illegal cable cutting

Rival service providers have launched “Oplan Kontra Putol,” an industry-wide initiative that seeks to inform the public about illegal cable-cutting and the disruption it brings to families and communities.

Contractors among 13 arrested in crackdown against cable theft

Of the total nabbed between July 18 and 24, 6 suspects, all contractors of another telco player, were arrested for stealing Globe copper wires along Manuel L. Quezon St. in Cabancalan, Mandaue City, last July 19.

Globe says 267 cable thieves arrested, prosecuted from Jan. to June  

About 41 of the arrested suspects for cable and cell site-related theft were contractors of Globe, while 25 were contractors of other telco providers.

Rampant cable-cutting in Visayas sends 16 individuals to prison

Also, 16 culprits, including third-party contractors of other networks and Globe field technicians, have been convicted for theft and sent to prison.
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