Tuesday, April 16, 2024

6 nabbed in separate cable theft incidents in Manila

Local telco Globe has intensified its nationwide campaign against cable theft in close coordination with local authorities, resulting in the recent arrest of six cable thieves in Metro Manila.

The incidents affected Globe’s enterprise customers, including those providing critical services such as banks and medical facilities.

In an incident on Sept. 20, suspects Edwin Zulueta, Kyle Epola, Joenel Caparas, and Jennerold Ellore were apprehended on M.H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila after they were caught cutting and stealing 200 pairs of Innove copper cable wires approximately 28 meters long, affecting four circuits serving banks, clinics and an electronic store.

They were booked at the Manila Police District Station 5 for further investigation and legal proceedings.

Three days later, another suspect was caught stealing 200 pairs of multi-pair cables measuring 12.5 meters along Maria Orosa Street corner UN Avenue. He was turned over to the nearest police station for processing. The theft disrupted services in six circuits serving banks and clinics in the area.

In a similar incident, Jayson Picardo from Paco, Manila, was nabbed by the Bantay Kable National Capital Region special operations team on October 20 after he was found cutting and stealing 100 pairs of Innove copper cable wire, 21 meters in length at the junction of UN Avenue and General Luna.

The incident affected nine circuits servicing banks, groceries, and clinics in the area. The evidence, which included a steel saw, was taken to the Criminal Investigation Section of MPD Police Station 5.

Globe has logged a total of 1,181 cable theft incidents in the first half of the year, with a marked spike in June.  Last year, a total of 1,811 cases were recorded.

“By joining forces with local agencies, we’re not just combating cable theft, we’re safeguarding the very connections that bind our community together,” said Gerardo Recio, Globe Enterprise and Corporate Operations (ECOPS) head.

As a preventative measure, Globe is replacing copper wires with fiber optics, offering a more reliable Internet experience. Fiber optic cables, unlike copper, hold no resale value, making them less attractive to thieves.


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