Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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cyber attack

House asks DICT to hold briefing on Chinese cyberattacks against gov’t websites

Bohol representative Kristine Alexie Besas Tutor also called on the government to train more cybersecurity professionals, noting that the country only has around 200 cybersecurity experts.

Cybercriminals encrypted data in ransomware attacks on 75% of healthcare firms

A new report from security firm Sophos has revealed that cybercriminals successfully encrypted data in nearly 75% of ransomware attacks in 14 countries around the world.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Are we ready for AI-aided cyberattacks?

Wilson Chua, founder of FutureGen International based in Singapore, believes that the future of e-government cybersecurity will likely involve more advanced AI-driven threat detection, increased reliance on blockchain for data integrity, and a growing emphasis on user-centric security.

Hacker claiming to be behind PSA, PNP, DOST data breaches speaks, asks for forgiveness

Just before midnight on Sunday, Oct. 14, an individual with the handle DiabloX entered an ongoing X.com (Twitter) Space that was discussing the recent hackings on Philippine government agencies and spoke to listeners. According to him, it was alright that his words be recorded as it was his last “play” at cyber.

Congress website back online as DICT probes ‘person of interest’

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said on Monday, Oct. 16, that the website of the House of Representatives (HOR) is back online even as the agency is investigating a “person of interest” who may have perpetuated the hacking incident.

Privacy groups urge DICT, NPC to warn public on impact of PhilHealth data breach

The National Association of Data Protection Officers of the Philippines (NADPOP) and the Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team (PH-CERT) said regulators should already anticipate the worst-case scenario as it is better to warn Filipino consumers as soon as possible as the threat actors can already exploit the illegally accessed personal information.

ANALYSIS | PhilHealth DPO using free GMail opens up further scams, cyberattacks

While it is commendable that PhilHealth is now being transparent about the cyberattack, it is concerning that their DPO and action center utilized email addresses with @gmail.com domains for their official functions.

BREAKING | Medusa makes good on threat to leak PhilHealth data

According to security researchers, as of 3:20pm Manila time, the Medusa Ransomware group may have already published the PhilHealth data files obtained from the ransomware cyberattack which occurred on Sept. 22, 2023.

Report: PH organizations faced most cybersecurity attacks in Asean

Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks held a media briefing on Wednesday, Sept. 20, to discuss its recently released 2023 State of Cybersecurity Asean Report, which showed that Philippine organizations weathered the highest number of disruptive attacks across Southeast Asia (SEA) last year.

Survey: 82% of PH firms fall victim to cloud security incidents

According to a new cloud survey from cybersecurity Sophos, organizations in the Philippines experienced a public cloud security incident in the last year – including ransomware and other malware (77%), exposed data (40%), compromised accounts (40%), and cryptojacking (16%).
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