Monday, December 11, 2023
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Janette Toral


DIGITAL INFLUENCER | IPv6 for faster and safer Internet

IPv6 is better equipped to handle future technological developments, ensuring the Internet’s capability to grow and evolve.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Navigating future of PH economy via MSME digitalization, e-commerce growth

The digital transformation journey for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines is an important step towards their survival and growth in the increasingly globalized economy.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | AI and metaverse: New frontiers in Pinoy consumer behavior and marketing strategies

A presentation from the recent Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) conference gave a glimpse into the Filipino psyche, covering their attitudes towards emerging technologies like AI and the metaverse, as well as their financial and mental health status.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Are we ready for AI-aided cyberattacks?

Wilson Chua, founder of FutureGen International based in Singapore, believes that the future of e-government cybersecurity will likely involve more advanced AI-driven threat detection, increased reliance on blockchain for data integrity, and a growing emphasis on user-centric security.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | E-commerce sustainability challenges drive fintech, freelancing, and startup innovation

I had a fruitful discussion with ex-Payoneer and fintech executive Miguel Warren on the growth of e-commerce and startups in the next few years.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER | Kindness is key in live selling

One of the usual challenges in live selling would be the times when the views are low. Motivation won’t be enough.

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