Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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House says it blocked off massive DDoS attack on March 13

The House of Representatives announced Thursday that its IT team has successfully blocked a staggering 541.66 million attacks on its website on Wednesday, March 13, indicating what industry experts call a Distributed Denial-of-Service or DDoS attack.

CNN Philippines website taken down by DDOS attack during presidential debate

The website was successfully taken down by attackers despite Cloudflare DDoS protection being on.

Gordon slams cyber-attacks against Rappler, ABS-CBN News

Both ABS-CBN News and Rappler were affected by a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, causing the two websites inaccessible for several hours. ABS-CBN News was knocked out for six hours last Dec. 11, while Rappler experienced the same last Dec. 15.

DOST denies involvement in cyber-attack on alternative media

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has issued a statement labeling as “unfounded” and “false” an online report that it is involved in an DDoS (denial of service attack) against local alternative media.

Sharp increase in attacks against e-learning platforms reported in SEA

Between January and June 2020, the number of DDoS attacks affecting educational resources increased by at least 350% when compared to the corresponding month in 2019.

Report: DDoS attacks spiked during first 3 months of 2020

This can be due to the fact that DDoS actors are taking advantage of the current situation when people are locked down in their homes and are heavily reliant on digital resources.

2018 saw cybercriminals drop basic DDoS operations: report

The whole of 2018 saw a 13% decline in the overall number of DDoS attacks when compared with the statistics from the previous year.
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