Sunday, April 21, 2024
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House of Representatives

House says it blocked off massive DDoS attack on March 13

The House of Representatives announced Thursday that its IT team has successfully blocked a staggering 541.66 million attacks on its website on Wednesday, March 13, indicating what industry experts call a Distributed Denial-of-Service or DDoS attack.

House passes bill expanding PSHS System on 2nd reading

House Bill 9726 would facilitate the establishment of at least two Philippine Science High School campuses per region, but only one campus per province.

E-commerce sites told to make senior, PWD discount ‘easy and obvious’ to avail

A senior citizen party-list group in Congress has called on online shopping sites to make the availment of senior and PWDs discount be user-friendly and obvious on their online portals and apps.

House, PTV unveil Congress TV ‘interactive’ legislative platform

Congress TV is a dedicated free-to-air digital channel that will broadcast daily the sessions and regular legislative work of the House of Representatives. It will also stream the session through its social media platforms.

House solons file bill creating ‘digital prison records system’

The bill seeks to establish a “Digital Prison Records System” designed to store, manage and share information related to persons deprived of liberty (PDLs), their cases, relevant court orders, and other related matters.

House approves bill creating mechanism for refund during Internet, telecom outage

The House of Representatives has unanimously approved on third and final reading a bill that would institutionalize a mechanism to refund customers in case of outages and disruptions with their Internet or telecommunications services.

Senate, House ink pact establishing eCongress

The eCongress website, an integrated digital legislative management system, will allow the two chambers of the legislature to strengthen coordination and make the inter-chamber processes much better and faster.

House approves E-Governance Act on final reading

House Bill 7327 mandates the creation of the Philippine Infostructure Corp. to manage government ICT assets, including infrastructure, platform, and software. The corporation shall have an authorized capital of P5 billion.

House bills on digital payments, use of e-money hurdle committee level

The House Committee on Banks and Financial Intermediaries chaired by Manila representative Irwin Tieng approved on Tuesday, Feb. 14, two bills seeking to promote the adoption of digital payments for financial transactions.

House, Senate doing final touches joint on e-Congress portal

The planned e-Congress Web portal will house information on the legislative secretariat work of both chambers.
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