Friday, April 19, 2024

House, PTV unveil Congress TV ‘interactive’ legislative platform

The House of Representatives launched on Monday, Jan. 22, a new initiative called Congress TV where Filipinos can join in the formulation of laws through an interactive platform.

“Through this platform, we are tearing down the walls that have long kept the inner workings of the legislature away from public scrutiny,” House speaker Martin Romualdez said.

The project was done in collaboration with state-owned People’s Television Network (PTV) network. It was the brainchild of PTV general manager Ana Puod.

Puod, a broadcaster who formerly worked with ABS-CBN and TV5, said Congress TV is a dedicated free-to-air digital channel that will broadcast daily the sessions and regular legislative work of the House of Representatives. It is similar to C-SPAN, the American cable and satellite television network which televises the proceedings of the US government and other public affairs programs.

Puod said PTV’s digital Ch. 14 will serve as the free-to-air broadcast platform for Congress TV. It will also be available via Ch 46 on GMA Affordabox and Ch 2 on ABS-CBN TVPlus.

Romualdez stressed “CongressTV is not a one-way street.” He said: “It’s not just about broadcasting what happens within the House. It’s about sparking conversations, about fostering a more interactive and participatory form of governance. It’s about you, the people, having direct access to your representatives and the legislative process.”

For online, the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and X (Twitter) pages of the House of Representatives and PTV will livestream the proceedings.

Romualdez said the general public can join in the interactive platform by “asking the hard questions, demand accountability, and participate in the great democratic process.”

The initiative, he added, aims to provide Filipinos a feedback mechanism via Congress TV’s online platforms and social media pages.

House secretary general Reginald Velasco, having read the proposal on CongressTV by Puod in 2023, said he immediately expressed his support for the project.

“We found her proposal a welcome development as it gives Congress the opportunity to show to the Filipino people the good things that we do here in the House of Representatives. It also allows our countrymen to know more about how laws are created, how the national budget is examined and passed. It gives our people the opportunity to watch their representatives in action,” Velasco said.


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