Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Blog | Online shopping: Is your personal data on the line?

As long as you’re browsing through a legitimate online store, the security of your personal data should be the last of your concerns.

IPC, SG partner to offer first local CDN service in PH

A content delivery network (CDN) acts as an intermediary between the point of origin of data and an Internet-connected device. Through a network of servers located around the world, member companies can deliver digital content, such as websites or videos, faster, safer and more reliably to end-users.

Cloud operator bares new service for PH health sector

Developed by Salesforce, Health Cloud is an app that?s designed to improve patient relationships by streamlining the health care workflow and providing customized care plans.

Blog | Top 4 customer engagement techniques for businesses

It takes time to see the positive effects of your customer engagement strategies. But in order to be effective, it must be unique and consistent.

PH must embrace tech disruption, innovation to stay competitive

To meet these digital challenges and take the first step towards digital transformation, businesses big and small must select the right partner to work with.

IPC, Intellicare step up data collaboration with Google Apps for Work

Healthcare management organization (HMO) Intellicare, recently subscribed to Google Apps for Work via leading local cloud firm IPC (IP Converge Data Services, a subsidiary of ePLDT, Inc.) with the goal of stepping up their overall client servicing.
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